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No New Posts Read Before Posting: Board Rules

Board Rules

1 3 Read Before Posting: Board Rules
by Jenny
Nov 29, 2018 8:01:19 GMT -5
No New Posts General Discussion

You can talk about anything here.

Moderator: Jenny

36 241 Armchair Treasure Hunts for Beginners
by Jenny
Apr 8, 2019 6:26:19 GMT -5
No New Posts Other Treasure Hunts, Scavenger Hunts, Medallion Hunts, etc. News

Have News of a Treasure or Medallion Hunt not listed on the Forum? Please post here!

15 43 Great American Coin Hunt! This is Awesome!
by Jenny
Apr 4, 2019 8:21:12 GMT -5
No New Posts Articles and Images of Found Treasure

Articles and Images about found treasures around the world. Anyone can post 'Found Treasures' here (of any type)

6 38 Found Treasure Articles!
by Jenny
Mar 26, 2019 12:31:42 GMT -5
No New Posts Articles and Images of Lost Treasures

Articles and Images about lost treasures from around the world.

3 8 MW Articles on Lost Treasures
by Jenny
Apr 16, 2019 8:15:59 GMT -5
No New Posts Treasure Hunter's Book Club

A place to talk about books you've enjoyed and may relate to Treasure Hunts

4 22 The Codex by Douglas Preston
by goldilocks
Apr 18, 2019 8:58:51 GMT -5

MW (MysteriousWritings.com) Website News & Updates

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No New Posts MW Website Products

MW Website Products

7 30 MW at a Workshop at BloomCon (Hak4Kidz)
by Jenny
Apr 12, 2019 10:13:59 GMT -5
No New Posts MW Website General Discussion

News and Updates on MW website

35 115 MW Newsletter Sent with Contest and GiveAway!
by Jenny
Apr 9, 2019 6:59:19 GMT -5
No New Posts MW Codes, Ciphers, and Puzzle Series

Informative posts on codes, ciphers, and puzzles

9 31 Priddle Monday - new livestream with puzzles and riddles
by AJ
Apr 21, 2019 10:46:50 GMT -5
No New Posts MW Fun and Games

MW Fun and Games updates

7 33 Treasure Hunt - Games!
by Jenny
Apr 19, 2019 11:06:46 GMT -5

Armchair Treasure Hunts

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No New Posts Forrest Fenn Gold Medallion Treasure Hunts

Hunts for the Limited and Exclusive Forrest Fenn Gold Medallions

18 98 FFGM #8 released April 24th
by Jenny
Apr 24, 2019 19:54:55 GMT -5
No New Posts Lamp with Four Keys

Discussions on the hunt of Lamp with Four Keys

2 6 Lamp with 4 Keys-coming soon
by lampwithfourkeys
Apr 25, 2019 23:18:19 GMT -5
No New Posts The Secret and The Tribute 13 hunt

Hunt for 12 hidden casks (2 found), and the Tribute hunt for the 13th

Sub-boards: The Secret 13th Casque Treasure Hunt, Proposed Solutions for 13th Casque, Prelude Puzzle for the 13th Casque (the lore puzzle), The Secret (The First Twelve), The Secret: New York City, The Secret: Charleston, The Secret: Roanoke Island, The Secret: Boston, The Secret: Montreal, The Secret: New Orleans, The Secret: Milwaukee, The Secret: San Francisco, The Secret: Houston, The Secret: St Augustine, The Secret: Chicago Solution, The Secret: Cleveland Solution

74 505 The Bird Image 12
by Jenny
Apr 24, 2019 14:32:08 GMT -5
No New Posts Fandango

search for a Golden Key (value approx. $10,000)

82 687 Indians pants symbols
by ralph
Apr 22, 2019 8:45:09 GMT -5
No New Posts The Global Treasure Hunt

Hunt for a 'Secret Treasure' across the Globe!

5 92 Riddle #3
by elysethecat
Apr 4, 2019 10:01:27 GMT -5
No New Posts Tap4Treasure.com Treasure Hunts

Secret Agents tracking down treasures and claiming bounties. FREE to play.

24 96 Mission X Ends! Congrats Agent William
by Jenny
Apr 22, 2019 8:34:51 GMT -5
No New Posts Breakfast Tea & Bourbon Riddle

Solve the Riddle receive some Bourbon!

5 35 Breakfast Tea and Bourbon (the riddle) is still unsolved!
by GeneticBlend
Mar 28, 2019 6:48:49 GMT -5
No New Posts The Oracle

search for a hidden token (value approx. $6000)

53 553 Official Submissions for The Oracle
by petewilder
Apr 26, 2019 3:03:49 GMT -5
No New Posts The Bossall Treasure

A search for the Lorraine Cross

21 102 Chapter 8 Image
by goldhunter
Apr 25, 2019 17:19:24 GMT -5
No New Posts The Beacon Star

A book with a 'Mystery' to solve for $5000 cash, Gold Coin, and additional $1 for each book sold

33 208 Arcane Geometry
by davo
Mar 22, 2019 16:57:34 GMT -5
No New Posts The Thrill of the Chase (Forrest Fenn's Treasure Hunt) - 13 Viewing

Search for a million dollar chest filled with gold hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains

Moderator: heidini

Sub-boards: REMINDER OF RULES, General Discussion, The Poem, The Thrill of the Chase book, Too Far To Walk book, Forrest Fenn's other books, Forrest Fenn's Coded Words in ATH: TQFHT, Chase related Links

1,723 19,086 New Indirect Forrest Words from Sacha
by astree
Apr 26, 2019 7:17:42 GMT -5
No New Posts Forrest Fenn Searcher Coin Treasure Hunts

Hunts for the Forrest Fenn searcher coins

Sub-boards: 2019 FF Silver Coin Treasure Hunts, Cowlazar's Grand Adventure 2, Copper Dan/Forrest Fenn's Marvel Gaze Treasure Hunts, iTreasureHunts

11 38 2019 Forrest Fenn searcher coin
by cowlazars
Apr 15, 2019 12:26:14 GMT -5
No New Posts TreasureMan's Hidden Caches - 1 Viewing

Discussions on TreasureMan's hidden caches

Sub-boards: TreasureMan's Hidden Caches Summary, How you can get involved, and updates, Cache #13: Scotty the Pirate’s Lost Treasure- In ground but booklet still needs prepared. , Cache #12: The Outlaw Cache, Cache #11: The Lost Cross Cache, Cache #10: The Rumrunners Cache, Cache #9: The Roque Miner’s Cache, Cache #8: Secret Lovers Lost Cache, Cache #7: The Jessie James Cache- FOUND, Cache #6: The Lost Treasure Mines of New Mexico- FOUND, Cache #5: The Legend of Woodsy Swamp, Cache #4: The Lost Mine Cache- FOUND, Cache #3: Theodosia, Cache #2: The Virginia Cache, Cache #1: The Lost Cache of Wolf Run- FOUND

33 155 Treasure Hunt Summary and how to get involved
by treasureseeker
Apr 26, 2019 6:53:46 GMT -5
No New Posts MW Treasure Hunt: The Forgotten Word

Armchair Treasure Hunt with $500 cash prize

2 19 Questions/Answers on The Forgotten Word
by GeneticBlend
Oct 26, 2018 9:41:49 GMT -5
No New Posts CustardQuest - 1 Viewing

search for hidden stone tokens to claim prize

14 81 A Dance With The Devil In The Full Moonlight
by goldhunter
Feb 4, 2019 8:02:43 GMT -5
No New Posts The Hidden Sun (in the works)

Armchair Treasure Hunt in the works!

3 10 Updates on The Hidden Sun
by Jenny
Apr 15, 2019 16:16:31 GMT -5
No New Posts The Devil's Den Treasure Hunt

Hunt for 'Todd's Treasure' (secreted cache)

5 12 Video of Book Series
by Jenny
Nov 19, 2018 7:47:30 GMT -5
No New Posts The Whistle Pig

Hunt for a hidden 'KEY'

5 12 Happy Groundhog's Day!
by Jenny
Feb 2, 2019 11:36:04 GMT -5
No New Posts Astana Challenge

Discover a hidden message and win a trip for two to Astana ($30,000 value)

3 4 Update on Astana Challenge
by inatimate1
Apr 20, 2019 13:10:39 GMT -5
No New Posts The Inheritance - Part 2

Challenge to solve puzzle

1 1 Summary of The Inheritance - Part 2
by Jenny
Dec 5, 2017 12:34:42 GMT -5
No New Posts 52 Master Pieces

Solving Puzzles for Charity ($52x2) and Prize

Sub-boards: The 52 Puzzles, General Discussion

1 2 Six Questions with David Cohen: Creator of 52 Master Pieces
by kpro
Apr 25, 2017 17:20:55 GMT -5
No New Posts BOTG Clothing Treasure Hunt

Physical hunt for a hidden token worth $1500 (and also a $200 hunt)

4 23 Clues for the $1500 treasure
by GeneticBlend
Apr 11, 2019 11:40:19 GMT -5
No New Posts Hidden Secrets App

Quest for 10, $10,000 cash prizes, in the 'real and virtual world'

2 21 Free Treasure Hunting Game App coming soon
by bellosthemighty
Nov 9, 2018 18:08:54 GMT -5
No New Posts The Heart of Gold Treasure Hunt (In reveiw)

A treasure hunt for a buried heart of gold worth £15,000 asking for support through crowdfunding.

4 14 Crowdfund Campaign going on now
by GeneticBlend
Mar 21, 2019 19:45:18 GMT -5

Unsolved Armchair Treasure Hunts (Discontinued without Solutions, Prizes Void, or Status Unknown)

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No New Posts The Golden Apple Tale

Hunt for lost treasure. Can it be found after over 30 years?

4 24 Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall
by SluggoZim
Apr 1, 2019 9:11:21 GMT -5
No New Posts Maranatha- Et in Arcadia Ego

Hunt ended without final solution revealed (prize void)

1 3 Summary of hunt
by Jenny
Jul 29, 2018 7:18:39 GMT -5
No New Posts The Ultimate Quest

Hunt Ended without revealing the Solution (prize void)

1 1 Summary of Hunt
by Jenny
Jun 2, 2018 15:55:59 GMT -5
No New Posts The Money Hunt

Although over and no prize, the hunt's solution remains unknown

2 2 test
by ralph
Apr 1, 2019 9:21:39 GMT -5

Legendary Treasures

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No New Posts Rennes le Chateau Mystery

Discussions on the mystery of Rennes le Chateau

Moderator: Jenny

4 4 The Acronym of GRAAL in RLC
by Jenny
Apr 30, 2018 7:37:22 GMT -5
No New Posts The Beale Treasure

legendary lost treasure in Virginia

3 7 Solving The Beale Papers Mystery
by eldorado
Nov 7, 2017 12:00:29 GMT -5
No New Posts Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine

discussion on Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine

1 2 Old 45 record
by heidini
May 1, 2017 18:44:51 GMT -5
No New Posts The Dutch Schultz Treasure

Discussions in regards to the lost treasure Dutch Schultz

1 1 Summary of The Dutch Schultz Treasure
by Jenny
Dec 2, 2015 12:06:17 GMT -5
No New Posts Oak Island Mystery

discussion in regards to the Oak Island treasure

4 13 Oak Island Podcasts
by Jenny
Jan 3, 2019 9:21:19 GMT -5

Lost Treasures

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No New Posts Lost Treasures of the World

Lost Treasures of the World

4 4 Tucker's Cross
by Jenny
Jul 27, 2018 7:59:22 GMT -5
No New Posts Lost Treasures in the USA

Lost Treasures in the USA

Sub-boards: Lost Treasures in the NorthEast, Lost Treasures in the NorthWest, Lost Treasures in the MidWest, Lost Treasures in the SouthEast, Lost Treasures in the SouthWest

7 9 Five Lost Treasures of PA
by astree
Oct 16, 2018 6:30:19 GMT -5
No New Posts Lost Pirate Treasures

Discussions on Lost Pirate Treasures

3 3 Society Hill, Philadelphia Treasure:A Buried Pirate Treasure
by Jenny
May 11, 2018 13:44:08 GMT -5

Metal Detecting

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts General Discussion

Discussions on Metal Detecting

4 15 Metal Detecting Research
by astree
Nov 25, 2018 11:53:37 GMT -5


Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Mysterious Things

discussion on mysterious things

3 3 The Westford Knight: Mysterious Stone Carving in Mass.
by Jenny
Oct 30, 2017 18:15:33 GMT -5
No New Posts Mysterious People

discussions on mysterious people

Sub-board: Somerton Man Mystery

3 3 Knights of the Golden Circle
by Jenny
Sept 19, 2017 8:14:52 GMT -5
No New Posts Mysterious Places

discussions on mysterious places

2 4 America's Stonehenge on Mystery Hill (New Hampshire)
by Jenny
Nov 17, 2017 14:24:04 GMT -5

Solved Hunts

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No New Posts MW Treasure Hunts

Quarterly Treasure Hunts offered by MW

Sub-boards: MW Treasure Hunt: The Sacred Scarab, MW Treasure Hunt: A Ring of Old, MW Treasure Hunts: The Lost Philosopher's Stones

46 396 The Sacred Scarab has been SOLVED!
by TxTH
Sept 30, 2018 14:19:55 GMT -5
No New Posts Tap4Treasure Hunts

Free to play treasure hunts. Bounties begin at $50 and goes up

Sub-boards: Mission #003: Pit Vipers' Treasure, Mission #002: The Dragon Scroll, Mission #001: Thisbe's Diamond

37 154 Mission #3 Over! Winner Announced!
by GeneticBlend
Jun 1, 2018 20:40:58 GMT -5
No New Posts Map of the Dead

Hunt for a Golden Pyramid (£10,000)

16 68 Map of the Dead winner and solution
by Jenny
Dec 19, 2018 12:26:45 GMT -5
No New Posts The Art of Hidden Messages: Unlock the Clues

Treasure hunt with $700 in prizes

14 60 Verified Winning Solutions
by GeneticBlend
Sept 5, 2018 15:35:39 GMT -5
No New Posts Hunt for Opal Ring

Hunt for an opal ring

13 44 Ring Found
by Jenny
Jun 7, 2018 13:12:04 GMT -5
No New Posts The Art of Hidden Messages

Armchair Treasure Hunt: $300 Prize

by jminnesota
Sept 5, 2018 12:34:54 GMT -5
No New Posts Read and Seek Adventure

Armchair Treasure Hunt with prize valued at $700

14 39 SOLVED!
by GeneticBlend
Feb 25, 2018 17:12:29 GMT -5
No New Posts Cowlazar's Grand Adventure

Puzzle/Treasure Hunt with prize being Map in Too Far to Walk

5 23 Coming Soon! Cowlazar's Grand Adventure 2
by cowlazars
Mar 3, 2018 22:21:02 GMT -5
No New Posts Breakfast Tea and Bourbon

Novel and Treasure Hunt for $50,000

83 967 The Camel
by astree
Nov 18, 2018 7:17:45 GMT -5
No New Posts 12th Plate Treasure Hunt

Hunt for American Gold Eagle Coin (over $1000 value)

13 151 12th plate?
by Jenny
Sept 18, 2017 5:56:05 GMT -5
No New Posts The Cowboy Treasure Hunt

The search for $1000 cash somewhere in the lower 48 states

3 8 Cowboy Treasure Hunt
by dj
Jul 30, 2017 10:37:22 GMT -5
No New Posts Pre-Forum Solved Hunts

Solved treasure hunts which happened before MW Forum setup

6 18 Treasure: In Search of the Golden Horse: Published 1984
by panama
Apr 14, 2019 13:03:19 GMT -5


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